Special thanks to these artists who have contributed designs for the charity gear items!

Yoana - the 1D Fans Give Heart

Laynefaire - a bunch including Rainbow Bondage Bear!

drunkharrystyles - tons of the Harry best sellers including the stag and rose/dagger

Cyrilliart - Where's Zayn calendar

Aki-anyway - Football pic 

Karukara - Louis Tea and Harry Banana

hipradluv - a bunch including the mischievous one

laila - the larries - best seller!

pass-the-pencil - girl almighty designs

Pygmylouis - louis face

lourryspark - girl almighty design

earlybirdlouis - banana in tutu

icanhazzalou - rainbow banana

menu-tessu - long hair don't care galaxy Harry

dailydoseofziam - Picture Perfect for Zayn's