Welcome to the 1D Fans Give shop! 

Attention: Orders with 'No Tracking' are shipped as regular letters and can often get lost/returned. International orders in particular, please consider choosing the TRACKING option so that you can watch the progress of your order. Please see our Policies page for detailed info on shipping, payment, and returns. USPS increased their parcel rates:

  • International Tracking: $15.00

  • Domestic Tracking: $3.50

See below for our limited time only hub shipping for certain countries!


We have discounts on some of the older bracelets:

Silicone bracelets are now $1 except the Strong ones, which are now $3

Fabric ones (besides ISR and JHO) are $5 (Given a Chance, Always in My Heart, Mermaid, Rainbow Curls All the Love bracelet, Home bracelets, and Heart of Gold Hair ties)

Books have been discounted, too!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering Hub shipping. What is hub shipping? Volunteers around the world are helping us to offer more reliable (and generally affordable) methods of shipping. This option will only be open during the pre order window. International friends, please get your orders in early if you want to take advantage of this option. Not all countries will have the option of Hub shipping. If options are available in your country, you will be able to find them when you go to your cart.

We also posted ‘Love Is Love’, ‘Just Hold On’, ‘Day By Day’ stickers, and a bee temporary tattoo. Stickers can be purchased in sets of 3 for $1; 3 of one kind or 3 of all three. Tattoos are $2 each or 3 for $5.