$28,425 Raised for Louis' Drive So Far & over $168,000 Raised Total!

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We've raised over $28,000 for our Louis' charity drive for Eden Dora Trust so far. That brings our total amount raised over the years we've been doing this to more than $168,000!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who donated, spread the word, bought something from the auctions, or contributed designs, artwork, ideas, etc. for Louis’ charity drive! Despite all the drama, this has been our most successful drive to date! Tricia and Jo did an amazing job this year as Team Leads on Louis’ drive (and they’ve agreed to come back next year - woo hoo!).

I couldn’t do anything without Ariel (createdoutofnecessity) behind the scenes keeping me on track and helping me with the mammoth task of shipping all the stuff. Beth did a great job taking over the 1D Fans Give tumblr and giving it a much needed facelift! Thanks to all the artists who contributed to the art book and cyrilliart for helping coordinate that. Thanks to our quilter, and the artists, @ashleyrguillory@rosketch and @rubycurls for making the quilt soooooo beautiful - it was our most successful auction item this year!  thanks to the 24dol crew at @louisforlunch for organizing that part of the drive. Thanks to @fuzzypurplestuff for all the knitted goodies. Special thanks to @laynefaire for her quilts/beanies and letting ariel and i bend her ear via text message. There’s so many other people who helped so please know that i appreciate the effort EVERYONE put into this.

I know this was a hard year for everyone, but I want to thank everyone for supporting our drives and helping us meet and exceed our goals every year. I’m so unbelievably proud of what we accomplish here every year and I’m honored that you all still support me and 1D Fans Give! We still plan to do this next year so start brainstorming for 2016! 

We've Hit Goal for Louis' Drive and We're Early!

I'm shocked not only that we've hit goal for Louis' charity drive, but that we've hit goal 11 days early! 

I wasn’t always sure we’d make it to goal this year for Louis, but I was cautiously optimistic because we ALWAYS come through for Louis. That’s just what we do. And sure enough, here we are! Not only have we met our goal, but we’re 10 days early! 

You all continue to amaze me with your generosity and your creativity and your willingness to pitch in to get us to goal. We worked really hard this year to come up with new ideas and ways of making money and it paid off! Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas for bracelets and quilts and cross stitches - oh my! 

Doing the 1D Fans Give stuff truly is the one thing I’m the most proudest of in my life and it’s something that I don’t share with my real life folks. I’m not going to lie. It’s not easy. I stress about it every year and put in way more hours than you all know. But we’ve helped so many people and the fact that people are willing to support this makes all the hard work worthwhile. So, thank you. 

We’ll still be here next year doing our thing and I hope you’ll continue to support the drives! 

you can continue to donate to louis drive at https://www.justgiving.com/louis24

we’ve also got drives still going for zayn (this is our last year for zayn):http://www.justgiving.com/zayn23

and harry: http://www.justgiving.com/harry22

Louis Tomlinson's Heart of Gold - Video About His Support of Charities

Freddieismyqueen is famous for their videos so I was completely surprised and honored that they made a video to help promote our charity drive for Louis! I saw it first thing this morning and I'm not going to lie, I was in tears by the end of it! If you ever wanted to see all the great things Louis has done to support various charities, they're all in here! 

Doncaster Rovers Raffle Pack for Louis' Charity Drive

We have a raffle for Louis' charity drive for Eden Dora Trust. I didn't want to unwrap everything to get better pics so I've included the links below so you can see what's in the raffle pack! The Jersey is a size Large.

To enter, donate $5 to Louis' charity drive and write "go rovers" in the message area. The entry period will run until July 30 with the drawing on July 31. 

Link to donate: http://www.justgiving.com/louis24

This is a long shot! Please read!

Me if I got to meet 1D the day before my bday! 

Me if I got to meet 1D the day before my bday! 

So, Lynn (ellemem) is bidding on the San Diego Meet and Greet for 3 people being auctioned off by Eden Dora. The goal (if won) was to have Lynn (Project No Control), Kat/Edwin or Malin (TMHFN/Rainbow Direction), and myself (1D Fans Give) as the 3 people to attend the meet and greet to have representation from the big fan efforts that have made a difference to 1D/Fandom. 

However, bidding is already up to $4500+ and will probably go too high for us to manage by Sunday. This is completely a long shot and please don’t feel pressure to donate, but if people threw in a buck or two, we might be able to win this thing! 

If we don’t win, I will donate any money raised to Louis’ bday drive for Eden Dora so Eden Dora wins either way (I will also offer refunds to people if they would prefer that). 

If we did by some chance win, any money over the amount of the winning bid will be donated to Eden Dora for Louis’ drive. The auction ends Sunday night so we need to raise as much as we can between now and Sunday morning so we know how high we can bid.

The meet and greet is the day before my birthday so I’m secretly rooting for this to work - meeting Louis (and all the guys) would be a great bday present! 

Again, I want to stress -please don’t feel pressure to donate! This is a complete long shot and if this all worked out, it would be some sort of miracle, but it’s too good of a chance to pass up. It’s another one of my harebrained ideas so worst case, we raise some money for Eden Dora!  

Here’s the link should you wish to donate:

"78" Wristbands Available for Pre-Order to Support Louis' Birthday Drive for Eden Dora Trust

By popular demand, we've ordered Donny red and white wristbands that say 78 on them to support Louis' new record label, 78 Productions. All proceeds from the wristbands will go to our drive for Eden Dora Trust in honor of Louis' 24th birthday! You can get them at:


Wristbands should arrive in early May.  If you order multiple items in addition to a 78 wristband, I'll hold your order until the 78 wristbands come in.

Goals for Eden

Goals may only be worth one point on the field, but each goal can mean so much more off the field during the 1Dfansgive pledge drive for the Eden Dora Trust!

1Dfansgivelouis is raising funds to provide training for adults working with children affected by Encephalitis and Acquired Brain Injury by putting together the Goals for Eden pledge drive to benefit the Eden Dora Trust.

How does it work?

For the Doncaster Rover’s Legends game featuring Louis Tomlinson on April 19, a donor has pledged to donate $10 for every goal Louis’ team scores and an additional $100 if Louis himself scores and invites you to join her and earn a chance to win an official Doncaster Rovers home jersey.

How do I pledge?

In order to participate just send an ask to 1dfansgivelouis detailing your pledge. Your pledge can be as little as a dollar a goal or five dollars if Louis’ team wins.  It’s entirely up to you!  Then, donate your pledge to www.justgiving.com/louis24 with the words “Goals for Eden” and include your tumblr name no later than April 26, 2015 to be entered in the drawing for the jersey.

What if I win?

If your name is chosen at random, you will be contacted by Amy, the founder of the 1dfansgive drives to provide your jersey size, preference for long or short sleeve, and address.  The donor will then order the shirt and have it delivered to your address.

So, get geared up for the big game, provide help to a worthy cause and earn a chance to win a Doncaster Rovers official home jersey!

Always in My Heart Wristbands are Here!

The Always in My Heart wristbands are here! They will benefit both the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard (for Harry Styles' birthday charity drive) and the Eden Dora Trust (for Louis Tomlinson's birthday charity drive). The wristbands, based on Louis' tweet that reached more than 1 Million retweets recently are purple and say Always in My Heart on one side and 1M 22.02.2015 (the date the tweet reached 1 Million retweets). Get yours at:


Raffle For Eden Dora Trust - Package 1!

package 1.jpg

The Eden Dora Trust was nice enough to give us some merch to help us raise money for Louis Tomlinson's birthday charity drive and we've got the first set of merch ready to go! 

Package 1 includes:

  • Tote bag
  • Wristband
  • Googly creature

If you donate $5 between now and next Sunday and write "I love No Control" in the message portion of your donation, you'll be entered into the raffle! We'll draw a name Monday the 9th!

To donate: http://www.justgiving.com/louis24

#BRAVERY Wristbands are Here!

The #BRAVERY wristbands have arrived! Proceeds will go to the Eden Dora Trust for the charity drive for Louis Tomlinson's 24th birthday. If you also ordered (or are ordering) the Always in My Heart Wristband, I'll hold your order until those arrive (March 3 is the expected date). You can get them here:


Always in my heart and #BRAVERY Wristbands Available for Pre-Order

I've put those the Always in my heart and #BRAVERY wristbands up for pre-order. The Always in my heart wristband proceeds will be split between Louis' drive for the Eden Dora Trust and Harry's drive for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. The #BRAVERY wristband will benefit the Eden Dora Trust. They are scheduled to arrive and start shipping around March 3. You can get them here:


(If you order other wristbands that aren't pre-orders, I'll hold your order until everything is here unless you let me know otherwise!)

$5 Day for Eden Dora Trust's Birthday!

The Eden Dora Trust for Children with Encephalitis was launched on the first World Encephalitis Day, February 22, 2014.  In honor of the first birthday of the trust we are doing a $5 day to raise money for the trust to celebrate Louis Tomlinson’s 24th birthday later this year.

Additionally, the first Loose Change for Louis matching day is fast approaching, so donate here before February 24th and be sure to tag your donation with the words “loose change”.

Donations to the trust go to fund research, education, information and support. According to their official website it costs just £30 to provide a child with Gilley the Giraffe Materials for a child with Encephalitis.  That’s just a little over 9 $5 donations so if you want to help out, donate here:

Donation Link: www.justgiving.com/louis24


Parma Ham Design Added to Louis' Charity Gear Shop!

You heard all about the famous dinner. You've seen the re-enactments a billion times. Now you can own the shirt memorializing Louis' first cooking experience with proceeds going towards our charity drive for Eden Dora Trust! Get yours at:



Eden Dora Trust: Raising Money to Provide Training for Adults Working with Children Affected by Encephalitis and Acquired Brain Injury

This year, in honor of Louis Tomlinson's 24th birthday, we are raising money for The Eden Dora Trust. The Eden Dora Trust raises money to provide training for adults working with children affected by Encephalitis and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) as well as fund research and raise awareness of this debilitating, life changing illness.

The charity's namesake, Eden, was left with ABI following Encephalitis in March 2011 and had to relearn how to walk and talk. You can read more about Eden's story hereFor most children, their rehabilitation is school, but most schools and teaching staff are not equipped with knowledge of the condition or how to support the complexities of an ABI, often called a hidden illness because the child looks the same as prior to the injury, but tasks that were once simple are now much more difficult. Louis is a long-time support of Eden Dora Trust and said:

I had never heard of Encephalitis or acquired brain injury until I met Eden. As I spent more and more time with her it soon become apparent the real and serious issues this brave little girl faces. Despite her illness Eden is a truly incredible little girl and we have become great friends 

When Petrina and Phil asked if I would consider becoming a patron of their charity I was honoured, there was no doubt in my mind and of course I said yes. I told them I will do everything I possibly can to help raise awareness so I can help other people like Eden. I am incredibly passionate and driven to make a real difference with this brilliant charity.

We are proud to be supporting Eden and Eden Dora Trust this year. We're currently planning lots of new things to raise money! We've got a hedgehog Louis bear that will be up for auction in a few months as well as new merch on the way. You can donate to our charity drive here:


If you'd like to join in the planning of Louis' charity drive, contact the Louis team leaders on the team page! And be sure to follow 1dfansgive and 1dfansgivelouis on twitter to get the latest news on the charity drive!

1D Fans Give Charity Drives for 2015/2016

We've just announced the new charity drives for this year!

LOUIS - The Eden Dora Trusthttp://www.justgiving.com/louis24 

ZAYN - The British Asian Trusthttp://www.justgiving.com/zayn23 

LIAM Doctors without Bordershttp://www.justgiving.com/liam22 

NIALL Autism Assistance Dogs Irelandhttp://www.justgiving.com/niall22 

HARRY - London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard: justgiving.com/harry22

Girl Almighty Drive for Women's Aid to celebrate 5th Anniversary of One Direction: justgiving.com/girlalmighty