1D Fans Give Charity Drive Accomplishments

We have raised more than $370,000+ for charity since 2013 in honor of the 1D guys’ birthdays and other special causes!


2013: $23,373 for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice

2014: $25,001 for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice

2015: $28,880 for the Eden Dora Trust

2016: $27,931 for the Eden Dora Trust

2017: $27,346 for the Eden Dora Trust

2018: $28,077 for Eden Dora Trust


$13,414 and rising for Bloodwise in memory of Johannah Deakin


2014: $10,272 for Believe in Magic

2015: $16,977 for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

2016: $24,671 for Switchboard LGBT

2017: $12,302 for Switchboard LGBT

2018: $26,187 for Drop4Drop

2019: $25,483 and rising for Switchboard LGBT


$7,080 and rising for Stand Up to Cancer in memory of Robin Twist


2014: $1,067 for Katie Piper Foundation

2015: $12,216 for Doctors without Borders

2016: $3,580 for The Way | Wolverhampton Youth Zone

2017: $6,424 for The Way | Wolverhampton Youth Zone

2018: $5,772 for The Way | Wolverhampton Youth Zone


2014: $382 for LCFC Foxes Foundation

2015: $10,412 for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

2016: $2,352 for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

2017: $2,649 for Rays of Sunshine

2018: $2,789 for Rays of Sunshine

LGBTQ+ Drive for Switchboard

2017: $329

LGBTQ+ Drive for The Trevor Project

2017: $156

Girl Almighty Drive to Celebrate 1D's 5th Anniversary

2015: $2,194 for Women's Aid


2014: $3,066 for One in a Million

2015: $11,433 for the British Asian Trust

2016: $9,266 for the British Asian Trust

Check out the 1D Fans Give New Logo!!!

After lots of ideas and brainstorming, we've finally got a logo that I really like! Yoana made the original design (I love the 1D heart!) and I made a few tweaks to get us to the final design! I also just changed the colors to pink and green because I like those colors together, but also because the pink = our love for the guys and the green = the money we raise for charity! Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas or made mockups!