Loose Change for Zayn


Would you like to contribute to Zayn’s Charity Drive, but feel like you can’t afford to donate much? Well regardless of the amount, The British Asian Trust is grateful for any contribution! No donation is too small. Here’s a great way to not only give what you can, but also to DOUBLE your donations

We are issuing a matching challenge titled Loose Change for Zayn! 

How does it work?

Courtney (ninicutiepie) has offered to match loose change donations for Zayn up to $100 a month! That means there could be an extra $100 raised for the charity per month!! So if you donate $5, then that means your donation will be doubled to $10. If you donate $10, your donation will be doubled to $20, and so on. 

Remember, there is no minimum to how much you can donate! Regardless of the amount, your donation will be doubled! :-D

What do you have to do?

1. Dump out your purses, backpacks, coin jars, couch cushions, pockets, anywhere where you might have any “loose change.” Buy something and get “change.” Then take that and donate it here

2. Add Loose Change for Zayn in your donation message to have your donation matched. 


Your donation will help support The British Asian Trust which reaches out to the poorest people in South Asia. Their vision is to “unlock the life potential of disadvantaged people…and be a catalyst for change, ultimately creating a South Asia that is free of poverty, injustice and inequality.”


Let’s show our appreciation for Zayn by doing something good in his name :-D