Harry Bracelet Design Survey and ISR Bracelet Update

We've been doing a survey of which designs people want for the next batch of Harry bracelets. We added a version of All the Love with Harry's handwriting to both rainbow designs and there's a pretty clear winner so far! But, we won't be making any decisions until Monday so keep voting if you haven't! 

The mermaid design is also a clear fave as are the gold hair ties! We'll be getting a rainbow hair tie as well so make sure to vote for that! It looks like right now we'll be getting the mermaid, one of the rainbow bracelets, the gold hair tie, and one of the rainbow hair ties.

And finally, if you still want an I Study Rainbows bracelet, make sure to fill that out on the survey. We're trying to get a feel for how many to reorder! (We're currently looking at around 250 people who still need them!)