Black Stars and Blue Galaxy Darling Just Hold On Bracelets Pre-sale!

This is a pre-sale, meaning we DO NOT have the bracelets in hand yet (they are on their way to Ariel) so your order will NOT ship until we do. Right now, it’s looking like orders won’t start shipping until AT LEAST February 11 (and will be a few days after that for “With Tracking” orders since Ariel will need to ship half the bracelets to me once she gets them before I can start shipping them out. So, PLEASE, do not email us next week asking where your bracelet is LOL. It happens every time so I just want to be totally clear about what a Pre-sale is! 

That said, I love these bracelets! Proceeds will go to Bloodwise in memory of Jay.  (You can also just donate here: )

Shop link: (in the Louis section) or direct link to Louis area of Shop:!/Louis/c/14769466/offset=0&sort=normal

You will also get free stickers when you order - the Love is Love sticker, which we have reordered and the Just Hold On Sticker.