Shipping Price Changes :(

USPS has increased prices significantly, especially for International Parcels. Because of the rate increase, we've had to increased our prices as well. 

International with Tracking: $14.50

Domestic Tracking: $3.50

International Orders with books: $22.50

International and Domestic No Tracking remain the same prices BUT please be aware that it can take up to 2 months to arrive since we ship from the US and we will have no visibility into where your package is. 

Check out the 1D Fans Give New Logo!!!

After lots of ideas and brainstorming, we've finally got a logo that I really like! Yoana made the original design (I love the 1D heart!) and I made a few tweaks to get us to the final design! I also just changed the colors to pink and green because I like those colors together, but also because the pink = our love for the guys and the green = the money we raise for charity! Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas or made mockups!