This is a long shot! Please read!

Me if I got to meet 1D the day before my bday! 

Me if I got to meet 1D the day before my bday! 

So, Lynn (ellemem) is bidding on the San Diego Meet and Greet for 3 people being auctioned off by Eden Dora. The goal (if won) was to have Lynn (Project No Control), Kat/Edwin or Malin (TMHFN/Rainbow Direction), and myself (1D Fans Give) as the 3 people to attend the meet and greet to have representation from the big fan efforts that have made a difference to 1D/Fandom. 

However, bidding is already up to $4500+ and will probably go too high for us to manage by Sunday. This is completely a long shot and please don’t feel pressure to donate, but if people threw in a buck or two, we might be able to win this thing! 

If we don’t win, I will donate any money raised to Louis’ bday drive for Eden Dora so Eden Dora wins either way (I will also offer refunds to people if they would prefer that). 

If we did by some chance win, any money over the amount of the winning bid will be donated to Eden Dora for Louis’ drive. The auction ends Sunday night so we need to raise as much as we can between now and Sunday morning so we know how high we can bid.

The meet and greet is the day before my birthday so I’m secretly rooting for this to work - meeting Louis (and all the guys) would be a great bday present! 

Again, I want to stress -please don’t feel pressure to donate! This is a complete long shot and if this all worked out, it would be some sort of miracle, but it’s too good of a chance to pass up. It’s another one of my harebrained ideas so worst case, we raise some money for Eden Dora!  

Here’s the link should you wish to donate:

Project No Control Reminders!

We have picked Sunday as a day to promote No Control, off the album Four by One Direction.  Please request/buy/promote the song on 17 May 2015. Make a manip and share it.  Play the song for your friends.  Call your local (or satellite) radio station and request the song.  Lets show everyone what having control is actually about!

Join the thunderclap:

SUPPORTERS: 21,338 of 500 (4267% of goal supported)

SOCIAL REACH: 35,694,727 People

TIME LEFT: 3 days

Follow on twitter: @1d_street_team

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Rainbow Direction Where We Are Tour Video

Rainbow Direction is a fan based initiative, dedicated to strengthening the LGBTQ+ community, educating people on LGBTQ+ issues and promoting support within the One Direction fandom. Rainbow Direction has released their Where We Are Tour video and it's a great documentary that shows Rainbow Direction in action through the voices and images of the participants! I am proud to have been a part of it (I make a cameo at 6:00)! I got choked up watching it! From Takemehomefromnarnia:

As One Direction is about to kick off their new, worldwide, On The Road Again tour - beginning February 7th in Sydney, Australia - Rainbow Direction also has some exciting news! The fan based initiative, dedicated to strengthening the LGBTQ+ community, educating people on LGBTQ+ issues and promoting support within the One Direction fandom, is proud to reveal the Rainbow Direction campaign video!

Experiencing the One Direction fandom as a sometimes dark and scary place for LGBTQ+ fans, Rainbow Direction decided to encourage peers to make their support for fans of all sexualities and gender identifications visible by bringing rainbows to the shows. We wanted everyone to feel welcome, safe, included and accepted.

During the Where We Are Tour, hundreds of people took part in the initiative. The video we release today is our way to share with the world what we have achieved together. Through the testimonies of 7 people, we invite you to discover what Rainbow Direction really means for its participants.

As Rainbow Direction is a worldwide campaign, we are proud to announce that - thanks to our many awesome volunteers - the video will be available on YouTube and Vimeo  with subtitles  in 18 different languages, with more coming.

The Rainbow Direction campaign will continue during the On The Road Again Tour this year. Over a thousand participants have already confirmed their commitment and more are joining us every day.

It would really mean a lot to us if you could help give  this campaign more impact by reblogging and tweeting the video and by forwarding this press release to your local press outlets or to anyone you may know in the press. Thank you so much for all of your help, and we hope to see you on the OTRA Tour!