Black Stars and Blue Galaxy Darling Just Hold On Bracelets Pre-sale!

This is a pre-sale, meaning we DO NOT have the bracelets in hand yet (they are on their way to Ariel) so your order will NOT ship until we do. Right now, it’s looking like orders won’t start shipping until AT LEAST February 11 (and will be a few days after that for “With Tracking” orders since Ariel will need to ship half the bracelets to me once she gets them before I can start shipping them out. So, PLEASE, do not email us next week asking where your bracelet is LOL. It happens every time so I just want to be totally clear about what a Pre-sale is! 

That said, I love these bracelets! Proceeds will go to Bloodwise in memory of Jay.  (You can also just donate here: )

Shop link: (in the Louis section) or direct link to Louis area of Shop:!/Louis/c/14769466/offset=0&sort=normal

You will also get free stickers when you order - the Love is Love sticker, which we have reordered and the Just Hold On Sticker.

1D Fans Give Charity Drive Accomplishments

We have raised $223,785+ for charity in the past two years in honor of the 1D guys’ birthdays and One Direction!


2013: $23,373 for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice

2014: $24,975 for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice

2015: $28,880 for the Eden Dora Trust

2016: $27,863 for the Eden Dora Trust


$5,639+ and rising for Bloodwise in honor of Johannah Deakin


2014: $10,272 for Believe in Magic

2015: $16,977 for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

2016: $24,661 for Switchboard LGBT

2017: $5,200+ and rising for Switchboard LGBT


2014: $1,067 for Katie Piper Foundation

2015: $12,216 for Doctors without Borders

2016: $3,580 for The Way | Wolverhampton Youth Zone


2014: $382 for LCFC Foxes Foundation

2015: $10,412 for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

2016: $2,352 for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

Girl Almighty Drive to Celebrate 1D's 5th Anniversary

2015: $2,192 for Women's Aid


2014: $3,066 for One in a Million

2015: $11,433 for the British Asian Trust

2016: $9,245 for the British Asian Trust 

Let's Keep It Going In Honor of Jay!

It's with a heavy heart that we reached our original $10,000 goal for our Louis' birthday charity drive for Eden Dora Trust. Jay's passing led to donations pouring into the drive in honor of her and we raised over $5000 within the first hour of the news hitting fandom. I think she is looking down and smiling that some good came of this very, very sad day. I'd love to aim for $25,000 next and then let's go as high as we can in Jay's memory.

Now You Can Design Your Own Shirt and Have the Proceeds Go to Your Fave's Charity


We've added Custom Stores to each guy's charity drive. You can now pick what product you want, add text or upload a design, and have the proceeds from your purchase go to your fave's charity. Uploaded designs must adhere to Spreadshirt's rules regarding copyright, etc., but now you can make whatever kind of shirt you want! We've added both US and Non-US stores so you have even more ways to get the shirt you want and still have it count towards the charity drives!





I Study Rainbows Pre-Sale & Sale on Other Items!

Harry wearing our ISR bracelet!

Harry wearing our ISR bracelet!

The ISR bracelets should be arriving next week so we’re putting them up for pre-sale now! They are $7 each. The All the Love hair ties are also still $7. We have also done discounts on some of the older bracelets:

All silicone bracelets are now $1 except the Strong ones (those are still $5)

All other fabric ones are $5 (Given a Chance, Always in My Heart, Mermaid), Rainbow Curls All the Love bracelet, and Heart of Gold Hair ties)

Shipping Price Changes :(

USPS has increased prices significantly, especially for International Parcels. Because of the rate increase, we've had to increased our prices as well. 

International with Tracking: $14.50

Domestic Tracking: $3.50

International Orders with books: $22.50

International and Domestic No Tracking remain the same prices BUT please be aware that it can take up to 2 months to arrive since we ship from the US and we will have no visibility into where your package is. 

Rainbow Afghan

This is a handmade afghan made by laynefaire. This hand crocheted afghan measures approximately 50" square. Made of worsted weight acrylic yarn, the afghan is comprised of increasing layers of squares in royal blue, spring green, sun yellow, carnation pink, white and pastel variegated, and trimmed in purple.

As fun and uninhibited as the man who inspired it, the proceeds from this charity auction will benefit Switchboard, the charity chosen for Harry Styles' 22nd birthday fandom charity drive. 

International bidders - please note that due to the heavy weight of the afghan, shipping will be around $41!

Happy Bidding! 

Drag Me Down Bear Inspired by Harry Styles Auction

This rainbow bear is inspired by Harry Styles in the Drag Me Down Video. Proceeds go to our drive for Switchboard in honor of Harry Styles' birthday. The bear is wearing a black embroidered shirt, stretchy pants with speckles, and pink glitter boots. It also comes with a vintage rainbow mug like the one Harry uses in the video. Happy Bidding!

Olivia's Care Package Raffle

For Harry's drive for Switchboard, we've got this great care package raffle bursting with stuff that will make you feel good! Each $5 donated is an entry into the raffle, which will run from 12/27 - 1/3. Make sure to mark your donation with #olivia so it counts towards the raffle!

donation link:

Raffle includes:

SCENT: One Direction fragrance set includes Our Moment, That Moment, and You and I Perfumes

SPA: Gaiam bag, two beaded bracelets, package of hair ties, soy candle, Pacifica Enlighten eye brightening shadow palette, temporary tattoos, and a digital keychain photo album.

BEAUTY: makeup bag with various makeup full-sizes and samples from Avon, L'oreal, Shiseido

JEWELRY: 3 necklaces and 2 earrings

$28,425 Raised for Louis' Drive So Far & over $168,000 Raised Total!

Family time :)

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

We've raised over $28,000 for our Louis' charity drive for Eden Dora Trust so far. That brings our total amount raised over the years we've been doing this to more than $168,000!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who donated, spread the word, bought something from the auctions, or contributed designs, artwork, ideas, etc. for Louis’ charity drive! Despite all the drama, this has been our most successful drive to date! Tricia and Jo did an amazing job this year as Team Leads on Louis’ drive (and they’ve agreed to come back next year - woo hoo!).

I couldn’t do anything without Ariel (createdoutofnecessity) behind the scenes keeping me on track and helping me with the mammoth task of shipping all the stuff. Beth did a great job taking over the 1D Fans Give tumblr and giving it a much needed facelift! Thanks to all the artists who contributed to the art book and cyrilliart for helping coordinate that. Thanks to our quilter, and the artists, @ashleyrguillory@rosketch and @rubycurls for making the quilt soooooo beautiful - it was our most successful auction item this year!  thanks to the 24dol crew at @louisforlunch for organizing that part of the drive. Thanks to @fuzzypurplestuff for all the knitted goodies. Special thanks to @laynefaire for her quilts/beanies and letting ariel and i bend her ear via text message. There’s so many other people who helped so please know that i appreciate the effort EVERYONE put into this.

I know this was a hard year for everyone, but I want to thank everyone for supporting our drives and helping us meet and exceed our goals every year. I’m so unbelievably proud of what we accomplish here every year and I’m honored that you all still support me and 1D Fans Give! We still plan to do this next year so start brainstorming for 2016! 

We've Hit Goal for Louis' Drive and We're Early!

I'm shocked not only that we've hit goal for Louis' charity drive, but that we've hit goal 11 days early! 

I wasn’t always sure we’d make it to goal this year for Louis, but I was cautiously optimistic because we ALWAYS come through for Louis. That’s just what we do. And sure enough, here we are! Not only have we met our goal, but we’re 10 days early! 

You all continue to amaze me with your generosity and your creativity and your willingness to pitch in to get us to goal. We worked really hard this year to come up with new ideas and ways of making money and it paid off! Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas for bracelets and quilts and cross stitches - oh my! 

Doing the 1D Fans Give stuff truly is the one thing I’m the most proudest of in my life and it’s something that I don’t share with my real life folks. I’m not going to lie. It’s not easy. I stress about it every year and put in way more hours than you all know. But we’ve helped so many people and the fact that people are willing to support this makes all the hard work worthwhile. So, thank you. 

We’ll still be here next year doing our thing and I hope you’ll continue to support the drives! 

you can continue to donate to louis drive at

we’ve also got drives still going for zayn (this is our last year for zayn):

and harry:

Pre-Orders for our Home Bracelets for Louis' Drive Start Monday!

We've ordered the Home bracelets for Louis' charity drive. There are two different ones to choose from! We'll do pre-orders starting Monday - check twitter for order link. There are 250 of each bracelet so make sure to order early if you want one of these (or both)!

Note: If you had asked us to hold your earlier order to wait for these to arrive, you will receive a code emailed to you this weekend. 

Louis Tomlinson's Heart of Gold - Video About His Support of Charities

Freddieismyqueen is famous for their videos so I was completely surprised and honored that they made a video to help promote our charity drive for Louis! I saw it first thing this morning and I'm not going to lie, I was in tears by the end of it! If you ever wanted to see all the great things Louis has done to support various charities, they're all in here!